The David Harrop Memorial Scholarship

Every year, Sigma Pi awards one junior member of the fraternity the David Harrop Memorial Scholarship. This $1,000.00 award is given to the brother who demonstrates academic excellence, while leading and supporting Sigma Pi as well staying active and giving back to the local Ithaca community.

The 2017 David Harrop Memorial Scholarship recipient: Jacob S. Howell ’18

Jacob S. Howell ’18

Jacob is from Boxford, Massachusetts, and will be a senior this year in the College of Engineering, majoring in operations research and information engineering and also pursuing a Dyson business minor. While academics are Jake's main focus, he has demonstrated his well-rounded spirit of brotherhood in all that he does. Jake has served as both house manager (spring 2016) and chapter president of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi (2016–2017), participates in the College Mentor for Kids program, has been an active member of the Cayuga’s Watchers, and spends his free time playing both intramural flag football and basketball.

Jake credits his academic success to Sigma Pi: “In my three years at Cornell, Sigma Pi has given me some extremely valuable resources to support me academically. One of the biggest reasons I joined Sigma Pi as a freshmen was the academic mindset of the house, balanced with the fiercely strong brotherhood and active social scene. What I did not know when I joined was just how much our alumni do to support the undergraduate brothers and what resources the house provides to implement that support.” Jake is extremely grateful for this opportunity that he has been given to be a part of our brotherhood and for the mentorship and support that he has received from the active brothers and alumni of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi.