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The Band of Brothers continues to evolve. From 2011’s impromptu “Tribute to the Doll: Live and Unrehearsed”, the band’s performance chops and music repertoire has grown increasingly audacious and adventurous, to rave reviews from their fans and fellow brothers alike. Building on 2013’s “Centennial Celebration,” 2022’s “Rock ’n’ Roll Reunion: Mu and Me Forever”, and 2023’s "Music for Life World Tour," 2024 pushed for new heights. Inspired by the iconic “Hurlothrumbo” and “Rock ’n’ Roll Tea” live from the porch parties in the late 70s and early 80s, the boys in the band bring you the first live rock-’n’-roll porch performance in over forty years: “Rock ’n’ Roll Tea Redux: Unity World Tour 2024.”

Watch the video for
2024 Rock ’n’ Roll Tea Redux!
We hope you enjoy the show!

BoB 2024 is:
Sandy Kraker ’74: vocals, keyboard, harp, flute
Tom Garr ’76: drums
Dave “D’O” D’Orlando ’79: guitar, harp, vocals
Chris Olie ’79: bass, vocals
Kevin “Krusematic” Kruse ’79: lead guitar
Jay “Sac” Sacco ’80: lead guitar, vocals
Brian “FinDog” Finneran ’81: guitar, vocals
Guest vocals: Doug “Bueno” Uyeno ’80 and Bill “Biff” Strusz ’73

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