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Band of Brothers is currently composed of Pi-men, spanning classes 1973–1981, from Texas to New York and Maine to Florida, all brought together by a love of brotherhood, music, and an unabashed desire to rock the Pi-house for years to come. We invite all brothers, past and future, to join us in our mission.

The seeds for BoB were planted by a few brothers in 2011 with the impromptu performance “Tribute to the Doll: Live and Unrehearsed.” A strong response from the attendees led to the debut of the official Band of Brothers with 2013’s “Centennial Celebration.” Nine years and one pandemic later, the boys in the band brought you “2022’s Rock ’n’ Roll Reunion: Mu and Me Forever” (watch the video). This year, the band brings you "Music for Life World Tour 2023"!

Watch the video
for 2023 Reunion!
We hope you enjoy the show!

BoB 2023 is:
Sandy Kraker ’74: Vocals, Keyboard, Harp, Flute
Tom Garr ’76: Drums
Dave “D’O” D’Orlando ’79: Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Chris Olie ’79: Bass, Vocals
Kevin “Krusematic” Kruse ’79: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jay “Sac” Sacco ’80: Lead Guitar
Brian “FinDog” Finneran ’81: Guitar, Vocals

band performing



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