2022: A Reunion for the Ages!

After three years, Mu Chapter was able to celebrate a Reunion for the ages! It was one of the chapter’s highest turnouts, with over 100 alumni in attendance, 33 of which were young alumni from recent grad years. “It was one of the chapter’s highest turnouts, with over 100 alumni in attendance, 35 of whom were young alumni from recent grad years. Our chapter has embraced an attend-every-year philosophy (think annual reunion), which transcends all grad years! The house was completely occupied this year by young alumni. As a result, we had by far the largest gathering of alumni of any Greek of affiliated organization.

Festivities kicked off on Thursday with a gathering at the Pi House. On Friday, several alumni participated in the annual Golf outing, followed by a happy hour and pig roast. Band of Brothers held their reunion tour throughout the weekend, playing two sets packed full of rock and roll blues, including classics from the Stones, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Tom Petty. The lineup included Brian “FinDog” Finneran ’81: vocals, bass; Jac “Sac” Sacco ’77: guitar; Kevin “Krusematic” Kruse ’79: guitar; Dave “D’O” D’Orlando ’79: vocals, guitar, harmonica; Sandy Kraker: vocals, keyboard, flute, harmonica; Howie Gordon ’81: vocals, drums, percussion; Tom Garr ’76: drums, percussion; William “Biff” Strusz ’73: vocals, guitar. We are happy to announce that the Band of Brothers will perform at Reunion 2023 June 8-11! More information to follow soon.

William Nuga ‘22
Francisco Wagner ’21
Josh Even ‘19
Matthew Blakley ‘18
Justin Bredahl ‘17
Fernando Cevallos ‘17
David DellaPelle ‘17
Danny Janeczko ‘17
David Kogan ‘17
Agustin Martinez ‘17
Steven Siegel ‘17
Sam Strang ’17
Andrew Walsh ’17
Jon Wu ’17
Alexander Yablonovich ’17
Michael Adelstein ‘16
James Alvares ‘16
Brandon Choi ‘16
Lorenzo De Simone ‘16
Zachary Gilbert ‘16
Rohun Gupta ‘16
Benaiah Johnson ‘16
Andrew Joseph ‘16
Jisoo Kim ‘16
Mark Luzzi ‘16
Joe Manzi ‘16
Zane Mokhiber ‘16
Nicholas Ornitz ‘16
Connor Riser ‘16
Andrew Wald ’16
Turkel Anwar ‘15
Nick Wint ’15
Jeremy Kraker ‘07
Daniel Emerson ‘93
Lloyd Robinson ‘87
George Rocklein ‘87
Dennis McNamara ‘83
Steve Novak ‘83
Tom Owens ‘83
John Stewart ’83
Michael Vernick ’83
Alexa Bosshardt ‘82
Ford Fay ‘82
James Garr ‘82
Timothy Hawes ‘82
Gerald Leape ‘82
Rick Rego ‘82
John Roche ‘82
John Altmeyer ‘81
Ed Berlin ‘81
Brad Crooke ‘81
Gary Derck ‘81
Brian Finneran ‘81
Howard Gordan ‘81
Guy Pettee ‘81
Mike Rantz ‘81
Joseph Ruocco ‘81
Thomas Silver ‘81
Nick Vojnovic ’81
Richard Bosshardt ‘80
Jeff Brown ‘80
Tom Cherner ‘80
Joe Dervay ‘80
Jon Fordin ‘80
Wayne Forman ‘80
Steven Hobbs ‘80
Lawrence Kantor ‘80
Stephen Pirozzi ‘80
Kurt Rasmussen ‘80
Jay Sacco ‘80
Doug Uyeno ’80
Jarett Wait ‘80
Larry Barstow ‘79
Steve Bergh ‘79
Dave D’Orlando ‘79
Andy Kantor ‘79
Kevin Kruse ‘79
Chistopher Olie ‘79
Gordon Pugh ‘79
Curtiz Quantz ‘79
John Haggerty ‘78
Peter Cady ‘77
Dick Cahoon ‘77
John Christoforo ‘77
Matt Petti ‘77
Steve Ryan ‘77
Mark Sullivan ’77
Victor Sung ’77
David Williamson ’77
Tom Garr ‘76
John Morrison ‘75
Gary Wicks ’75
Sandy Kraker ‘74
Peter Muth ‘74
Jim Boland ‘73
William Strusz ’73
Rick Fish ‘72
Ken Yurgelun ’72



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