By Jake Howell ’18 (Sage), The Muse, Spring 2017

Sigma Pi is proud to announce that we were recognized for two major chapter awards at the Susan H. Murphy Sorority and Fraternity Community Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 30. Mu Chapter won the Outstanding Chapter Award, as well as the Outstanding Service to the Community Award. The panel that voted for the winners was composed of the student leaders from the Greek Tri-Council and administration members of the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life (OSFL).

The brothers are honored by the recognitions, having doggedly pursued excellence in all facets of Cornell life this academic year. Sigma Pi boasts a cumulative GPA of 3.57. We sit fifth on the GPA leader board of fraternities and third out of fraternities with more than 30 members. Our brothers participate in an astounding amount of campus organizations. We have brothers involved in Student Agencies, business fraternities, athletic teams, the Cornell Orchestra, the self-driving bike team, the Baja racing team, Cayuga’s Watchers, student government, the Interfraternity Council, and many other organizations.

Chief among Sigma Pi’s on-campus involvements is College Mentors for Kids. Nearly every brother has, at some point, participated during their tenure at Cornell, and over half the brotherhood currently participates. College Mentors for Kids has had a profound impact on the Ithaca community, and it continues to grow and improve as an organization. Every year, over 100 new elementary-school students are paired with their Cornell student mentors. We have heard tremendous feedback from both the schools and the parents whose children benefit from our service.

Sigma Pi will continue its commitment to our community and to Cornell. We are proud to accept these awards and would like to thank the Cornell Greek community for recognizing us.