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Calling Bay Area Alumni: Share Your Feedback to Help with Bay Area Alumni/Undergraduate Event Planning

A group of Sigma Pi undergraduates will be traveling to San Francisco and Silicon Valley on May 20–22. They are eager to meet with industry leaders and executives and to explore career and internship opportunities. They will also host an alumni/undergraduate dinner on May 22. Read more …

Thank You to Our Veterans and Servicemen

Cornell's War Memorial

We wish to honor and recognize our veterans and servicemen. Visit our veterans page for information about Mu Chapter brothers who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces.

In Memoriam: Jim Keene ’57

We regret to announce that Jim Keene ’57 passed away the evening of Wednesday, October 17. Read more …

Brother Mark Hausknecht ’75 Honored

Brother Mark Hausknecht ’75 was honored and memorialized by John Morrison ’75 during the Hailstork Dining Room and Learning Commons dedication ceremony. Read more …

Adolphus “Dolly” Hailstork Dining Room

The Adolphus “Dolly” Hailstork Dining Room and the new Learning Commons were officially dedicated on September 22, 2018, during Homecoming weekend. Read more …

In Memoriam: Brother Mark Hausknecht ’75

We regret to inform our brothers and supporters about the untimely and tragic passing of Sigma Pi, Mu Chapter alumnus Dr. Mark J. Hausknect. Mark was shot by an unidentified assailant while riding his bicycle to work on the morning of July 20. Read more …

The 2018 Adolphus C. Hailstork Prize Recipients: Jake Howell ’18 and Griffin Py ’18

Jake Howell ’18

Griffin Py ’18

Every year, Sigma Pi awards the Adolphus Dolly C. Hailstork Jr. Brother of the Year award to a senior class member of the chapter. The Brother of the Year (or BOY), is awarded to honor a brother who has demonstrated his unwavering commitment and unparalleled leadership throughout his time as an active member of the fraternity. This year, the chapter chose two recipients: Jake Howell and Griffin Py. Read more …

Mu Chapter Awarded Highest Chapter GPA for Second Consecutive Year

Mu Chapter was presented with the Most Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for the second year in a row during Sigma Pi’s 54th Biennial Convocation this summer. Read more …

NYC Summer Gathering!

The annual Sigma Pi, Mu Chapter NYC summer gathering was held the evening of July 19 at Local NYC (33rd Street & 8th Avenue in Manhattan). Read more …

Reunion Weekend 2018!

We had over 70 alumni in attendance. What a great statement about the passion everyone feels toward the house and brotherhood! See who came to Ithaca for the weekend and check out our photo gallery. Read more …

Congratulations to Our 2018 Sigma Pi Graduating Seniors!

Congratulations Seniors

We wish our graduates of the class of 2018 all the best. Read more …

Mu Chapter Elects Executive Officers for 2018–’19

On April 22, Mu Chapter held elections for its 2018–2019 Executive Board officers. Read more …

Lyft: Owning a Car Won't Make Sense by 2025

Squawk Box on CNBC

Squawk Box on CNBC, co-hosted by Sigma Pi alumnus Andrew Sorkin ’99, recently featured fellow Sigma Pi alumnus John Zimmer ’06, co-founder of Lyft, as a guest on the show. Read more …

Educational Foundation Sponsors Third Sigma Pi Career Conference

The third Sigma Pi Entrepreneurship Conference took place on Saturday, April 21, at the Mu Chapter house. The conference featured nine distinguished speakers, including Sigma Pi alumni and Cornell professors. Read more …

With Alumni Support, the Educational Foundation’s $60,000 Grant for the Learning Commons pushes the D&L Campaign into the Home Stretch

Largest Grant in Foundation’s History Ensures Project Construction Will Begin on Time

Read more …

An Introduction to Sigma Pi’s Spring 2018 Pledge Class

2018 plege class photo

Sigma Pi’s 2018 pledge class of 21 new members is a truly unique and diverse group of brothers. Read more …

13th Annual Sigma Pi NYC Career Event

The 13th Annual Sigma Pi NYC Career Event took place November 9 and 10, with 16 undergrads and over 30 alumni participating. Read more …

Homecoming ’17 / Zoltan Reunion:
Undergraduates and Alumni Have a Great Weekend Together!

Zoltan performs

Homecoming weekend 2017 was a huge success, with a large alumni turnout coming back to the house to hear Zoltan. Read more …

Help Brother Mark Lonski '93, his wife Julie, and their young son Cruz rebuild their home and lives destroyed by Hurricane Irma

Please visit the link below to participate in the effort to raise $50,000 to help Mark Lonski ’93 and his wife Julie, help rebuild their lives along with their young son, Cruz. Hurricane Irma destroyed their home in St. John.

Help Mark and his wife rebuild.

Mark and Julie left NYC after September 11, 2001, to start a new life in paradise, on the island of St. John. They started a business (Property King), putting Mark's Cornell-honed botany skills to work, while Julie's business acumen ran the office. Now their home is destroyed. Let's do what we can to help our Brother get back on his feet.

Mu Chapter Awarded Outstanding Chapter
and Outstanding Service to the Community

Sigma Pi is proud to announce that we were recognized for two major chapter awards at the Susan H. Murphy Sorority and Fraternity Community Awards Ceremony on Sunday, April 30. Read more …

Cornell Mentors Strive to Help Ithaca Youth Reach Potential

By Trey Aguirre, Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell’s chapter of College Mentors For Kids — a national mentoring program based in Indianapolis — is celebrating its fourth consecutive year of operations, according to the David DellaPelle ’17, the organization’s president. Read more on the Daily Sun's website.

Committee Launched to Explore Kitchen and Dining Modernization

By Jarett Wait ’80

The Alumni Kitchen and Dining Committee, chaired by Brian Finneran ’81 and Steve Pirozzi ’80, is forming a strategic committee to develop a much needed plan for modernizing and redesigning the fraternity’s kitchen and dining infrastructure. We are reaching out to alumni who would like to be a part of the committee that will develop a plan to bring us up to date. Those with experience in the hospitality, restaurant, food industry, etc. are needed. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email Brian Finneran or Steve Pirozzi.

Today’s undergraduate brothers require flexible, 24/7 access to the kitchen. We currently have 10 distinct meal periods weekly, Sunday through Thursday. In addition to the daily meals, the kitchen is also fully stocked with ready-to-cook frozen foods, cereals and oatmeal, milk and OJ, breakfast bars, breads, and a deli bar with vegetables, deli meats, and salads. Dining facilities can accommodate 50 to 75 people at one time. Brotherhood dinners, during which the majority of the brotherhood makes time to eat together, occur on Sundays after chapter meetings and on Thursdays.

The kitchen and dining facilities have not been upgraded since the rebuilding of the fraternity after the fire in the early 1990s. Students’ requirements for flexible dining times, modern/clean facilities, and flexibility on healthy menu options are becoming increasingly important when attracting new brothers to the fraternity. Research from Inside Higher Ed suggests that 50% of college students today say that the dining program is an important factor in their decision to join a particular fraternity. Forty percent of college students today avoid consuming at least one type of animal product. Students are looking for menus designed to provide a variety of fresh/balanced options to meet their dietary preference. Two out of three students are regularly exploring new foods.

Sorkin ’99 Advises Brothers

By David DellaPelle ’17, from The Muse, Fall 2015

Andrew Sorkin

On September 20, Andrew Sorkin ’99, a Gerald Leob Award-winning American journalist and author, skyped with the undergraduate brotherhood of Sigma Pi, using the newly unveiled Dick Cahoon ’77 Tech Center in the Memorial Library. About 30 brothers attended the teleconference on Sunday night to hear how the vice president of Sigma Pi in the late 1990s became a titan of financial journalism.

Sorkin first spoke about his ascent from Cornell to his current positions as a columnist for The New York Times and a co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk Box. He spoke about his founding of DealBook, a financial news service published by The New York Times. Many brothers are subscribers of the service and thus were very interested in hearing about it. Sorkin went on to talk about how he wrote the bestselling book, Too Big to Fail (2009). He also co-produced a movie adaptation of the book for HBO Films (2011).

When Sorkin’s talk concluded, the brothers had a chance to ask several questions. When asked what it was like to break major news on mergers and acquisitions, he described the process of spending countless hours reaching out to all parties involved and eventually piecing the puzzle together to report a story. Sorkin also answered a question about how he deals with the fame that his career has brought to his life, explaining that there are many positives that come with the prominence, but they are accompanied by negative aspects, such as comments on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, he answered a question about what it was like to be on the front lines, reporting about the financial crisis of 2007–2008.

Sorkin gave the brothers some key takeaways about networking. He explained that persistence is more important to a successful career start than talent. If you reach out to a connection enough times, chances are that they will eventually respond to you. Once this happens, be sure to ask insightful questions so it is clear that you are not wasting their time. He explained that you should always prepare diligently when reaching out to connections by being able to illustrate your knowledge of their firm and/or career through the questions you ask. If you are persistent, ask good questions, and provide a good reason for him/her to talk with you, Sorkin noted that the connection will likely take the conversation to the next step. Although you might be an undergrad with little real-world experience, you want to prove that they should “bet on the underdog.”

Sigma Pi Brothers Scale Kilimanjaro

Brothers atop Kilimanjaro

This past September, Sigma Pi colors flew on top of the world. Brothers Adam Cherubini ’13, Peter Cherubini ’10, and Zach Smith ’13, along with two other friends, summitted Mount Kilimanjaro, the world’s largest free standing mountain and the highest point on the African continent.

It was a challenging six-day journey that pushed them to their physical and mental limits, but they all successfully reached the peak and now have that accomplishment to hold on to for the rest of their lives. Before making they way down the mountain, they were sure to get a few photos of themselves holding up Sigma Pi gear. “Our shared experiences in the Pi house have kept us in touch since graduating Cornell and made for a great deal of conversation to pass time during the trek, so it was only fitting to pay homage to the fraternity at the top.”

Dr. Sandy Meek True ’78 Appointed to the Mu Chapter Educational Foundation Board of Directors

Sandy True

Ithaca, NY: The Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi Educational Foundation announces the appointment of Dr. Sandy Meek True ’78 to the Board of Directors. Dr. True is the first outside director and the first woman on this Board.

Sandy earned her BS from Cornell University in 1978 (and was the Sweetheart of Sigma Pi fraternity). She earned her RN, FNP, and MS from Pace University in 1981 and her PhD in nursing administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993. She has spent the last 25 years as a volunteer for non-profit agencies in Ithaca, working in the areas of fundraising, event planning, major gift program development, and capital campaigns.

Sandy has spent the last three years assisting the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi Educational Foundation establish a chapter of College Mentors for Kids at Cornell University. She says, “The commitment and engagement by the brothers of Sigma Pi has been extraordinary, as has their pride in its success.” Sandy is the liaison between the Ithaca City School District, Caroline Elementary School, the College Mentors for Kids National Office, and Sigma Pi. This Spring the Cornell Fraternity and Sorority Awards selected Sandy to be the recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award for her work with College Mentors. College Mentors for Kids brings 80 elementary school students to the Cornell campus for weekly one-on-one mentoring with their college student mentors. Mentors show kids the importance of trying harder in school and help them understand higher education opportunities. The initial funding for this effort came from the Sigma Pi Mu Chapter Educational Foundation, whose mission is to offer educational and leadership opportunities to the brothers.

Sandy began her involvement with the Greek system as chapter president of Sigma Delta Tau and understands, firsthand, the positive impact the sorority and fraternity community can have on the Ithaca community at large. She says, “I am honored and excited to join the board and can only see a win/win result for the Ithaca community, Cornell University, College Mentors for Kids, and Sigma Pi as we help equip college kids and elementary kids with the skills they need to be successful in life”.

Reunion Weekend 2015

Twenty brothers came back from the class of 1980 and were joined by 12 brothers and five former sweethearts from the class of 2010. Brothers also returned from the classes of ’55, ’65, ’70, ’79, ’03, and ’05. Approximately 40 brothers in total joined us over the course of the weekend. There were even a few undergrads staying at the house for the summer. The class of ’80 formed an informal reunion committee to help plan some logistics, including beverages, munchies, coolers, folding chairs, a tent for the porch, tunes, etc. A local food truck provided Thursday night’s dinner. Saturday saw a tour of C-town, tent parties, campus tours and walks, visits to the parks, etc. The Pi house was the center of the universe on campus for reunion weekend!

Almost all of the 2010s were able to make it to Glenwood Pines with friends/loved ones for a pledge-class dinner on Saturday. Many of them spent the early afternoon appreciating the good weather on Libe Slope. They also had a smaller group get-together for pizza and wings at The Nines and a walk around former annexes. Of course, they all spent late nights at the house on the Beach and in the basement (depending on weather), as well as getting to know some of the brothers currently living at the house, who were very hospitable. A major highlight for the class of 2010 was swapping stories with brothers from the class of 1980 (and some ’79), and it was awesome to see that some had made it from as far out as California.

Congratulations, Class of 2015

Dear Mu Chapter Graduating Seniors:

On behalf of the alumni board, I wish to offer our sincerest congratulations on your graduation from Cornell. You have been a very special class, and we have taken great pride in watching your growth and achievements, both in the chapter and the wider community.

We wish now to welcome you into your new role as Mu Chapter alumni. Remember, no matter where your journey takes you, you’ll always be a part of the Mu Chapter brotherhood.

Best wishes on a bright and fruitful future!

Jarett Wait ’80
Alumni President

What’s Next for the Class of 2015

Ben Dreier is using his computer science degree to work as a product manager at a tech startup.

Alexander Eacker will be working as an English teacher through Teach for America in underprivileged communities in San José.

Bennet Heidenreich will be moving to London to work in finance.

Jacob Laufer will be packing his bags and heading west, taking a job as a brand specialist at Amazon.

Aram Shrestinian will be joining Towers Watson at their Boston office as an executive compensation analyst.

Preston West will be back at Cornell in the fall to pursue additional courses.

Henry Morris will be a development associate for Sydell Group, a luxury hotel developer, fulfilling project management and acquisitions analysis roles for the company.

Alvaro Galan will be back at Cornell in the fall for another semester.

Nathan Winans will be working in a research lab, studying the human genetics of infectious disease.

Nicholas Wint will be heading to Ft. Benning, Georgia, to attend the U.S. Army Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course.

Turkel Anwar will be staying an extra semester to work as the president of Student Agencies, Inc. (SAi). Turk hopes to get into consulting, specifically in the sector business and operations strategy.

Jordan Karl Thompson will be working as a consultant/IBO with Organo Gold International, Inc.

Sigma Pi Hosts International Fellows

from e-distribution, March 12, 2015

On Sunday, March 8, 2015, Mu Chapter Resident Advisor Mike Lieberman and Alec Charbonneau ’16 hosted a “Meet and GreeK (Greet)” with the Cornell's Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program. The Humphrey Fellows are a part of an exchange program that allows professional students from developing countries the opportunity to attend a university in the United States.

Ultimately, our hope is to create a friendship/partnership between our Sigma Pi Fraternity and the Humphrey Fellowship Program. Our goal is to connect these two very different communities and to develop a program and individual relationships that promote both cross-cultural exchange and personal improvement. Humphrey Fellows and Sigma Pi members would essentially grow together. Humphrey Fellows would be given another opportunity to perfect their English, while fraternity members could embark on the difficult journey of learning a second language. This exchange goes far beyond simply language; it is an opportunity to expand our community’s perspective and create lifelong friendships.
The event was featured in The Cornell Daily Sun the following day.

Dick Cahoon ’77 Gives $100K to Educational Foundation
To Fund West Lounge Tech Center

By Zach Gilbert ’16, from The Muse, Fall 2014

Richard and Doreen Cahoon

Last fall, Sigma Pi celebrated its centennial year at Cornell, not only highlighting all the fraternity has accomplished and produced in the last 100 years, but also signifying that the transition of the Mu Chapter into the 21st century is well underway. Coinciding with this transition into the technological age, one alumnus, Dick Cahoon ’77, jumpstarted the fraternity’s high-tech capabilities with a recent pledge of $100,000 to the Sigma Pi Educational Foundation. This is in addition to his $25,000 contribution to the Centennial Campaign.

Among other things, Dick’s gift will go toward a Technology Center in the West Lounge with a state-of-the-art portable video-conferencing system for undergrads to better interact with alumni. The money will also fund a wireless speaker system throughout common areas of the house, a security system around the outdoor perimeter, new furniture for dedicated education space, and an endowment for rainy-day technology maintenance and updates.

Undergrads and alumni alike are excited for this Tech Center, which will allow for one-to-one and one-to-many webcasts between alumni and undergrads. Alumni Board President Jarett Wait expressed his belief that “the possibility of significantly enhancing the technology, multimedia, and the living experience at Mu Chapter will be a real catalyst to differentiate Sigma Pi from the rest of the fraternities at Cornell.” The current undergrads could not agree more. Everyone is excited that Sigma Pi will be focusing on meeting the academic and career needs of members in addition to social needs. The undergraduate Pi men believe that this will be a real distinguishing factor for potential incoming members.

In discussing his motivation for supporting the Educational Foundation, Dick explained: “although I only spent two years at Cornell, my time at the Pi house was the best time of my life up to that point. I believe that the Pi house has a lot to offer to young men who are learning their way in society. It helped me understand group dynamics and the real meaning of community. For us to attract the best of the best, we have to be prepared to be 21st century ready.”

Dick believes that the easier it is for undergrads to network with alumni, the better opportunity undergraduates will have as they prepare to enter the job market and work place. For Sigma Pi to be meaningful in the future, Dick envisions the fraternity being competitive by providing the most opportunity both on campus and with career outreach. Dick sees his contribution as an investment in the future, hoping that the coming generations of Pi men will be better equipped when they leave Cornell.

When asked what advice he would give undergrads as they prepare to pursue their own careers, Dick said he would encourage undergrads to remember that “the world is not about you but how you fit into the world. A Cornell degree does not make you better than anyone else. See how you can fit in first, and effect change second.” Dick explained that this reflects his own philosophy—to find a place in the world and to create value.

Centennial Campaign Exceeds Goal

By Jarett Wait ’80, from The Muse, Fall 2014

Over the past year, the Centennial Campaign has been a vital and ongoing program of your alumni board that will insure the continued success of the chapter. This campaign was designed to retire the mortgage on the fraternity house, and in so doing, free significant revenue from rent for use in support of the house, including maintenance.

We successfully raised $270,00, exceeding the stated goal of $250,000. Thank you to the board and class officers, who all worked extremely hard on this vital effort. However, we could not have been successful without the help of the over 219 alumni, undergrads, and parents who gave their financial support to the campaign. In addition, 100% of the undergraduates contributed to the centennial appeal, showing their commitment to the long-term success of the brotherhood.

Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to Mu Chapter. Your support allowed the Centennial Campaign to exceed its goal and raise $270,000.

A special thank you goes out to Dick Cahoon ’77 and Kent Sheng ’78. Both gentlemen stepped and made significant leadership pledges during the final stages of the campaign to ensure its success.

If you need additional information about your Centennial Donation or your giving history, please email or call 607-533-9200.

Centennial Celebration

In 2013, Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi celebrated its Centennial. Check out the video and see who came.



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