Alumni Board Committees

Mu Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity of the United States, Inc.

The alumni board has created a committee structure to provide for more active directors and interested alumni serving on committees overseeing the operation of the house. The committees will do the work that several individuals have done heretofore. We are always looking for new participants, so if you are interested in becoming involved, please email Jarett Wait at

Committee assignments are made based on the following criteria:

  • Preference of the board member or alumni as to the committee he preferred.
  • Consideration of required professional knowledge or equivalent experience.
  • Desire to have a larger participation on committees of a general but important nature (Brotherhood, History and Alumni Relations).
  • Membership determined by the by-laws of the fraternity (Executive).

Executive Committee

The Executive committee consists of the officers of the corporation and the chair of the legal committee. The Executive Committee serves as an advisory group to the president. When necessary the Executive Committee may act on behalf of the board.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Wait (chair), Rusu, Haggerty, Muth, and Goodman


This committee is responsible for the state of the fraternity house. They will be expected to visit the facility often enough to be aware of physical problems and see that remedial action is taken. The members should be capable of recognizing problems. The chairman is responsible to monitor and supervise the activities of the hired services performing maintenance. The committee will be responsible for identifying future expenditures to maintain the building and furnishings and advise the board of such needs. Membership on this committee will require visits to Ithaca.

FACILITIES COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Rusu (chair), Morrison, Haggerty, and Wright


This committee is responsible for overseeing the financial health and stability of the organization. This committee manages budgeting, financial planning, and expenditure tracking, ensuring that funds are allocated appropriately to support the fraternity’s activities and goals. Key duties include preparing financial reports, setting dues and fees, organizing fundraising efforts, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and policies. The committee works closely with the treasurer and other executive members to provide transparency and accountability in all financial matters.

FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Haggerty (chair), Wait, Rusu, and Minken


This committee is responsible for monitoring the insurance coverage of the corporation. They must be able to certify that systems are in place to insure insurance is adequate, premium payments are made on time, and to advise the board of any special conditions that could compromise coverage. The corporation currently pays a retainer to an Ithaca insurance agency senior agent to assist in this work.



This committee advises the board as to legal concerns that may arise. This committee also insures that all notices, filings, fee payments, etc. necessary to maintain the active status of the corporation with the State of New York.

LEGAL COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Muth (chair), and John Fordin


This committee will work to facilitate adequate fundraising activity to insure the financial needs of the fraternity. The alumni board as a whole will determine the financial goals of the fraternity. In the past, fundraising has been initiated in response to specific needs such as the Heritage Foundation to help pay for the building we now occupy, the McGraw Place Project and the Beach Project, the Poet Laureate appearance, and the Class of 1980 Adolphus C. Hailstork Prize. The James H. Keene III, Class of 1957, Sage Endowment Fund has recently been set up to subsidize the Sage to live in the house. The Development Committee will also now be responsible for increasing alumni support of the Heritage Annual Fund.


Alumni Relations and Philanthropy

This committee will be responsible for monitoring the overt actions of the fraternity to connect with its alumni including the Muse, the Mu Chapter website, and use of the Emerald. The committee will work to see that certain actions are traditional and predictable, including traditional practices such as Homecoming and Reunion. The committee will also oversee and assist the undergraduate philanthropic activities and coordinate with the Mu Chapter Educational Foundation as appropriate. Significant interaction with the active chapter responsible members will be necessary to carry out the mission of this committee.



This committee will assist the president in insuring that undergraduates take responsibly for the fraternities action particularly rushing, pledging, and initiation. Currently, there is a committee of board members and undergraduates called the Committee of Seven that is performing this function.

BROTHERHOOD COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Pens (chair), Morrison, Haggerty, and Dewey


The Nominating Committee is tasked with identifying and recommending candidates for the alumni board. The committee will seek potential interested directors through discussions with other board members, members of the alumni, and active members and will make recommendations to the board concerning plans for succession for both executive and non-executive directors.


Kitchen and Dining

The committee will work with the house steward on the overall food and beverage strategy for the house, including the meal service plan, overseeing the corporate meal provider’s performance in partnership with the RA, and monitoring the kitchen infrastructure.


Technology and Social Media

The committee is responsible for managing the Mu Chapter web site, social media, multimedia, and technology infrastructure, with a priority focus on enhancing interaction between undergraduates and alumni through technology.


Diversity & Inclusion Committee

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION MEMBERS: Goodman (chair), William Murphy, and Yordanos Goshu



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