Life at the Pi House

Living at Sigma Pi is nothing short of an incredible experience. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you live with all of your best friends in a great physical house with a great chef. You can wake up any day of the week and find someone who wants to do the same things you want to do that day just by walking down the hall.

There is never a sense of boredom in the Pi house. If you want to do something fun, there is always someone around to join you. That being said, everyone in the house respects the educational obligations of each and every brother, and the house is never loud or distracting during late hours. We all strive for success, and we highlight the successes of our brothers during our weekly chapter meetings. Sigma Pi Mu Chapter is a bastion of male success at Cornell, a place where education, brotherhood, and merrymaking are intertwined, forming men of determination and confidence, also known as Pi men. Sigma Pi brothers have an overall GPA of 3.487, making the chapter the fourth highest-ranked fraternity in terms of academic standing at the university.

Our house believes in brotherhood more than anything, and when it comes to brotherhood, we do not hold back. We have brotherhood dinners Sunday through Thursday every week. We go to each other’s sport events, speeches, projects, and other events not because we feel obligated but because we respect each other. We pride ourselves in our unity: brothers in their senior year hang out with sophomores, alumni hang out with actives, Pi men hang out with Pi men.

Living in the Pi house has been the most fun experience I have had at Cornell. The countless Sundays watching football in the Pit (our movie room), pickup basketball games, study sessions in the Memorial Library, trips to Chipotle, paintball, and other spontaneous shenanigans will forever hold a place deep in my heart. Without this brotherhood, I would never have become the man I am today and made the friends of a lifetime. For that, I am honored to call myself a Sigma Pi.

Pi House, December 2014


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